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About Us

We are a recognised provider for most private Health Funds and Veterans Affairs
What is a Dental Prosthetist?

A dental prosthetist is a health care professional who specialises in the construction and maintenance of removable prosthetic oral appliances and sports mouth guards.  The process starts  with a patient consultation, taking of impressions, development of the appliance, and fitting of the finished prosthetic.

Our clinic


We are a small dentures clinic offering services direct to the public. We are open every week,  Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

  After hours appointments can be arranged by Contacting us.    phone : 5545 3128  


Joe Russell, our experienced Dental Prosthetist has over 35 years experience and prides himself on making precise fitting dentures.  

What to expect

  • Someone who listens to you and your story

  • Joe will create a treatment plan that suits you

  • Joe will inform you of any other options you may have, for example, if your existing denture is not too worn out, a reline can make it fit and feel like new again

  • When designing and creating a new denture, Joe will go to great lengths and significant detail to create a denture that looks natural and suits your needs

  •  Full dentures are injection moulded with the Ivocap system for precision fit, comfort and strength

  • Only high quality teeth are used to create natural looking, durable dentures.​

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