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"Improve your smile - look younger, feel great"

Free Consultation

Joe Russell, Registered Dental Prosthetist


Joe has over 35 years experience as a Dental Prosthetist and Dental Technician and is dedicated to providing high quality handcrafted dentures that fit precisely and look natural.

Joe will listen to your story and develop a treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

Are you missing a few teeth ? 

A precisely fitted, well matched partial denture could be the answer. (or if you already have a denture, extra teeth can be added to it). Call us now for a consultation (07) 5545 3128.
Are your dentures loose or uncomfortable ? 
A relining of your denture, may be all you need to make them fit well and feel like "new"
This service can be completed over a few hours !
Do I need a referral?
You don't need a referral to see a Dental Prosthetist.  Joe will work with you directly, saving you time and money.
Need an after hours appointment ?
  After hours appointments are available .
Please contact us on 5545 3128 to arrange a suitable time.
ivobase injector.jpg
Services we provide direct to the public:


  • New full precision dentures

  • New full dentures (standard)

  • New partial acrylic dentures

  • New chrome cobalt dentures

  • New flexible nylon (valplast) dentures

  • Repairs

  • Relines

  • Additions (extra tooth added to existing partial denture)

  • Sport mouthguards

Our premium complete dentures are injection moulded, using the state of the art : "Ivobase Machine".

     This ensures an accurate fit, using high impact acrylic.

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